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Dance Masterclass
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Video Series #1 - Copycat

The first few videos in this Masterclass are based on one of our favourite focus activities called “Copycat”.

It is a simple activity, but when combined with rhythm and structured movements, it creates a fantastic challenge for students as they improve their hand-eye coordination and focus.

The first video will teach you some basics for running copycat in your classroom and the following three videos are follow-along examples you can use straight away. These could be on a shared TV or projector screen in your classroom.

Remind your students that the goal isn’t to get it perfect straight away, it’s simply to try their hardest and notice themselves improving slowly as they practice more!

Video Series #2 - The 'Learning Is Fun' Dance

These next videos will teach your students how to do our very popular “Learning Is Fun’ dance.

Encourage the children to take their time practicing what is taught in each video – it is easy to feel as though you are copying along, but it takes time to have control over each movement.

As the teacher, try and copy along as well, and try to give constructive feedback to your students without making them feel uncomfortable making mistakes in front of their peers. Give students time to figure out their own mistakes and enjoy the learning process.


Video Series #3 - Waving Tutorial

These videos will lead your students through the basics of learning to wave.


Encourage your students to practice, perservere and persist on their path to mastery of these waving techniques.

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