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Challenge your students with these copycat videos!

Check out the links below too. They are advanced Copycat examples that you can play directly to your classroom.

Remember, these are just examples, the real magic will come from the students having their own teacher leading the class…
That means you!

"Want To Learn How To Teach Dance More Effectively At Your School?"

(Without being a professional dancer?)

“This Breakthrough New Teaching Method Gives School Children More Confidence, Motivation And Happiness In The Classroom…”

Free workshop reveals how ANY teacher can create and teach an engaging dance class regardless of their dance experience.

Ezra's headshot

Meet Ezra Bush…

New Zealand’s ‘Fred Astaire’

Only Limited Seats Available!

There are no upcoming events.

In this exclusive workshop, Ezra will reveal:

How to build your own choreography and structure it in a way that is simple and effective – yet still challenging for your students.

How to layer the teaching of your choreography – Breaking down the actions so your students can develop their confidence with each move.

How to have every student in your class engaged in their dance lessons – including growth mindset strategies and other engagement tools.

What others are saying...

Really enjoyed the workshop; I enjoyed the way he linked everything to the growth mindset and how we could help all children to enjoy dance for it's own sake.

Marghareta Cambridge

Great seminar with a good mix of theory and practical. Very responsive to questions. Great fun!

Matt Watts

During your sessions my children learned how to manage themselves, participate and contribute and relate to others. At first, they were reluctant even to hold hands with another child but by the end, they loved dancing with different partners.

I have an autistic child in my class who loved learning all the moves and his mother was amazed to see the progress he had made during the term. All of my children were highly engaged in the three dances they learned and all were very keen to showcase their skills to the parents who thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.

Next year we have a school production and I will definitely use some of the dancing skills I have learned to choreograph any dances that we will do, thank you for a wonderful term of dancing. The kids were sad to say goodbye!

Denise White

I just want to thank you personally for the amazing work you have done with our students over the past term. I have to admit, I was fairly skeptical about the cost to our families and your ability to work with such large groups of children at the beginning of the term. Now that I have seen you work with students, and the results you have achieved, I am truly impressed.

In 9 short weeks, you have managed to work with 250 of our students from age 5 to 13. Every single one of them lives for Friday mornings and their dance sessions. You have motivated and inspired boys and girls alike to not only enjoy a range of dance forms, but to also have confidence in their own ability to dance, and dance well!

Lisa Cavanagh
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