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FREE Live In-School Workshop For Your School

As a special offer for everyone that has registered for our Zoom Workshops, we are giving away a Free Live Workshop for your school. One of our awesome team members comes to YOUR SCHOOL to teach as many students as possible within a 3-hour time slot!

To qualify for a free workshop:

  200+ students at your school

  Within 90 minute drive of location

  Interested in a 2021 or 2022 program at your school


Use the buttons below to secure your 3-hour slot with one of our highly trained instructors.

We will get in touch to put together a timetable to teach as many of your students as possible in your chosen timeslot.

Too Easy!

If your school doesn’t fit the criteria above, or there weren’t any dates that worked for you, DON’T PANIC! We often travel to all cities around Australia and New Zealand and will likely be able to organise a visit at some point.

Use the “REQUEST A CALL” button and we can explore some options for you.

Limited Time Access

In case you missed it (or you’re an over-achiever like me and want to watch it again), below you will find the recording of the Teacher Development Workshop – which you can access for 7 days.

We recommend watching the recording as though you are at the live event – this means dancing along with Ezra on the screen to really get a grasp of the concepts he is explaining. Enjoy!

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